First Day of Midterms.

Since it was raining so hard last night I thought classes might suspended but still I reviewed.I slept around 2 or 3 A.M I think? I was quite careless of the timeast night since I’m way to stressed with sociology and literature. I feel so down and hopeless last night but my bestfriends, hans and ely , cheered me up ♥  So I got determined again.Well I woke up almost out of schedule today so I was almost late.I not feeling nervouse for the exam in sociology since I memorized that shit while for literature, well I already accepted the fact that nobody passes Sir Ferdie’s exams. We took the test alternately, so my seatmate’s weren’t taking the same test as me, they have Literature while I have Sociology.Sociology was okay, I think I have 50% of passing, assuming that I got the answers right.As for lit,well all I can say is I did my best.

I am really scared for my grades but I guess this is college,whether you understood or not professor don’t give a shit.You pass or you failed they don’t care unlike in high school, teachers’ give considerations just so you pass.Well Wish me luck :)

Say Hi to my zombie face :D