P.E Class

Last Thrusday was our “Official” first class in P.E, we were already required to wear our P.E uniform and guess what our P.E is shorts.Although I don’t have the worse legs but still I don’t have that flawless legs either, So I really don’t like it (But I can’t do anything about it so yeah).

Our P.E is Philippines games,easy one Thank God.for the first few minutes or so our professor blabbed about Phil games,the rules and such (As if we are not a filipino but I guess we can consider that since we have jenice,a korea student).While she was blabbering  discussing none of us is actually listening,All of us just wantd to play already.

After sometime she asked us to stand up and we will do some stretching (This made us all  make a ‘srsly?’ face) before the “game”.After the stretching we played already,the game was ‘araw-gabi’.There’s an it,and the it will decide whether we will have to stay under the sun and or under the shades of the tree.Well if the it said ‘araw’ and you are under the shade of the trees he/she will chase you.Bonn was our first it (well for our group only) we basically ran around the field,But I was never an it tee hee (bragging rights!LOL)

I get to meet a sophomore student because of P.E (she’s the only sophomore in our group,while her other classmates are in diff groups). After running around we were given a “water break” the off again in playing a caterpillar whatever running game.

After P.E all of us went our separate ways since we got 2 hours of break before the next class.I,ruth,donna and jenice ate first then donna went home to change while ruth,jenice and I went to the grandstand to change.Well ruth and I took a bath.

After taking a bath we went to see marielle then off to kfc to buy some snacks before our theology class with Prof Candy.