54. I miss senior classmates so much.

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# list friends I miss them so bad all the memories sigh

053. I find philosophy interesting but it makes me really sleepy at times.

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# I still have my faith ayt? college list lol personal

052. Every week I change my nail colors for fun

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# list college personal things i do to escape college stress

051. One of my pet peeves is when someone is not trying to understand what I am trying to say even though I make sense.

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# it's annoying sometimes list personal

050. It makes me happy when people appreciates what I do for them.

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# list I guess I'm such a sucker for that personal

049. I am strong person ,well according to my friends that is, but one thing that makes me scared is the first day of classes

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048. I can’t work properly if my working place is so messy.

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# list I want a clean working place personal

047. getting humiliated is really something for me -_- </3

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045. at some point I just want to have my own apartment or condo i don’t know I really hate it when my parents nag me too much

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