Sometimes I drink too much vodka or eat 3 servings of macaroni and cheese in one sitting, but by far the most unhealthy habit I have is comparing myself to others.

This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever read on tumblr

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I came home from school feeling so down because I wasn’t able to recite well during the recitation in my law class. But that changed when I went home and saw in our group chat that ely whipped another unplanned hangout that day because he wants us to accompany him to the salon for his haircut and of course too hangout and talk too.

I was glad I came home on time and was able to meet up with this two, I was able to rant and let out my frustrations regarding my performance at school that day which was a great relief. Plus i’ve been missin’ them too ❤️

I was happy though that my dad let me meet up with them on a “short notice” (actually he was shocked i was already dressed and ready to go when i told him I was going out) 😂

You tell me to “cheer up”.
You tell me that “it’s only a bad day”
You tell me “don’t worry”
“Things will get better”
“It’s only a matter of time”
“You should love yourself”
“You deserve better”
“Life is beautiful”
“You’re beautiful”
“I love you”
“I care for you”
“You’re strong”
“You can overcome this”
“You’ll survive”

But you have no idea how fucking hard it is to believe any of that. It’s almost impossible.

I’m so angry and I want to let this out like for instance throw some beer bottles at a wall to release some of this pent up frustrations and emotions.

My dad wants to us to go to the mall and eat out to celebrate mom’s birthday (even mom’s in another country). On normal days i’d be happy because free food but i’m not even in the mood to move atm.